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The Redcliffe Peninsula is a special place. Far enough away from the city to avoid the noisy hustle and bustle, but close enough to nature and the great outdoors. Our aim at Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co, is to share a piece of the Peninsula with everybody who walks in our doors, through our freshly made craft beer and our wonderful meals that are littered with local produce. When you take a look across the beautiful marina, you get an amazing view of a passageway across the bay that leads directly to the beautiful Glass House Mountains. Every single beer that we brew carries a bit of this natural magic, and we're pretty proud of it.



Our story goes way back to the Christmas of 2018,  when our founders, Guy and Sonia, were on a trip across Canada with their family, visiting many fantastic craft breweries on their travels at a time when craft beer was just a shadow of its current self in Australia. These amazing craft beer experiences compelled Guy and Sonia to begin their search for a venue on the Peninsula where they could bring these same kinds of experiences back home. 

After finding an ad online for the venue, that we now call home, back in 2019, Guy and Sonia knew that it was the one. It's sprawling views across the Scarborough Marina and off into the Glass House Mountains sold the place pretty quickly and from that point onwards there was no turning back. 


After an incredibly long process from concept to construction, renovation works began at the venue in September of 2021 and after a mammoth seven months of working day in and day out, the dream of creating a craft brewery on the Scarborough Boat Harbour became a reality. 


After an incredibly long few years of building our brewery, we were incredibly proud to open our doors on the Easter long weekend in April of 2022, finally completing the dream that started all those years ago. Here's to many more beers and good times spent watching the sunset over the Scarborough Harbour.

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